A Magical Day of Orbs and Sheets


We awoke to fog hiding the pond from view. Distance vision limited, we saw dozens of orb webs hanging from the branches. Amazing constructions from such little bodies spinning out silk to catch their breakfast. The cryptomeria were festooned with sheet webs like angel hair on Christmas trees. The interesting thing about spider webs is that the sticky glue that holds prey fast can also hold the spider; so they spin some threads without glue to allow safe passage. We could learn something from them.


The night sky showcased a different orb, a Blue Moon not to be repeated until July 2015. The silvery orb so brillant that only the brightest stars could be seen. Tree frogs and crickets joined in symphony with the water-fall to serenade the moon. We could but marvel at it all. There was nothing to do but haul out the sofa mattress and sleep on the deck, basking in moon glow and nature chorus. Our three-month old kitten loved it, nibbling on toes, diving under sheets, snuggling by our faces, motor running all night long.


What lovely bookends to bid farewell to August and welcome September.






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