Pat Bailey started her career as a high school history teacher with a B.A. in Education from Lycoming College and taught five years in public schools.  She earned a M.Ed. from Kutztown University where she worked with college students in the Ability Development Program.  She found her passion in working with students who learn differently and went on to work with Special Support Services at Keene State in New Hampshire, then came to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro to direct Disability Services.  In the process she earned her Ph.D. in Adult Learning.  As a transition to leading retreats, she trained at Rev. Elizabeth Canham’s Stillpoint Ministries.  Pat’s passions are leading pilgrimages to sacred sites, including your own backyard, and being with others on their spiritual journey.  Her hobbies are gardening, biking, and hiking and she gladly welcomes others to join her.

Anne-Barton Carter holds a B.A. in Religion from the University of the South, a M.T.S.with a concentration in Ethics from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University.  Her resume includes Christian Formation, classroom teaching and a year as the Executive Director of a feasibility project for a non-profit organization.  She has a special affinity for curriculum development and retreat and pilgrimage planning and enjoys working with all age groups.  Anne-Barton appreciates any opportunity to help others identify their own gifts and to support others on their spiritual quest.  She loves reading, writing and being outdoors, preferably in the woods or on a river.

Dee Irwin  holds a B.A. and Ph.D. in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota.  Her life calling has been to teach and she still thrills in what she learns from students.  She began by teaching preschoolers, then directed lab schools at Teachers College, Columbia University and Stanford University.  Her university teaching shifted from early childhood education to human development when she came to The University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she delighted in addressing the entire age span. Dee took early retirement after 30 years of teaching and administration in higher education in 2000, the same year that Healing Ground was born.  Her teaching since then has been with the Servant Leadership School of Greensboro ( ), Healing Ground and as a retreat leader for other groups.  She loves being a spiritual companion, leading pilgrimages, working with the Enneagram, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, and creative expression across a variety of media.